£37 per hour

Minimum of four hours for the first month.

Getting to know a little about your business

I start working with all clients on an hourly rate. Everyone works differently and everyone’s business is at a different stage. Taking on a virtual assistant is not like paying for a one-off job on a site like Fiverr or Upwork. When you decide to work with a virtual assistant, both parties have committed to building a relationship. And as a virtual assistant, I am committed to understanding your business and the best form of support I can provide. This takes time. Once I’m familiar with your business we can discuss fixed rates for certain projects. But to begin with, I charge an hourly rate of £37 (or €42) with a minimum of four hours per month. It’s very difficult to give you any meaningful support within fewer hours than four.

If you’d still like to work together knowing what it’ll cost you, then I’ll first need to know more about your business. If you can fill in the fields and answer the questions below as fully as possible, I will know how I can help you best. They’re questions I’m sure you’re familiar with.