Helping Solopreneurs Get Through A Jungle Of Overwhelming Tasks

Helping Solopreneurs Get Through A Jungle Of Overwhelming Tasks

Complicated just happens. And that feeling of being overwhelmed usually follows.

As small business owners and solopreneurs, we have to be the salesperson, the marketing department, the administrative assistant, accountant, designer, web developer and copywriter. Before we realise it, we’re overwhelmed by everything we must do and all the tools that we’re told we need to use if we want to be successful. As our businesses grow, uncertainty and stress do too. Very quickly we’re lost in a jungle of too many options, all competing for our attention, time and money.

David MacGregor (and Lulu)

Versatile Support For
Small Business Owners

I’ve been supporting small business owners and solopreneurs for almost 11 years. For some clients, I’m a virtual assistant. For others, I’m an online business manager, copywriter, web developer, technical support or coach. It all depends on what they’re looking for – someone to advise, someone to implement, someone to create or someone to manage. In whatever role I assume for clients, however, my goal is always the same – to help them get stuff done as simply and as organised as possible, giving them space in their lives for other things.

I’ve worked with business owners in real estate, marketing, arts, personal and business coaching, training and consultancy, mystery shopping, complementary therapy, safeguarding children, custom furniture, theatre, circus, a homelessness charity and an NGO.

David MacGregor and Lulu

“David has added freedom and ease in my working life. From the moment we started working together, I gained more time and peace of mind due to his efficient and calm approach to everything I ask of him. David is fantastic - reliable, accurate, fast, intelligent and versatile. Without the stress I previously experienced, I can now focus on the bigger picture.”

Mel LarsenSmall Business Coach and Audience Development Consultant

“David combines his neutrality with attention to detail and is thorough in his research and approach - he listens carefully... David has a unique ability to bring out the best in people... In a fast-moving age, patience is a virtue and David has patience in abundance.”

Ajay ChhabraCEO and Co-Artistic Director of Nutkhut, Actor and Ambassador on the Mayor of London's Cultural Leadership Board

“I contacted David as a temporary measure to help keep my business running while I was away on honeymoon. I've hired various freelancers in the past from different locations around the world and have been unhappy with the outcome. The thing I like about working with David is I never need to check what he has done for me. If anything HE checks what I have done! His grammar and writing abilities are excellent. It is great to know that I can give him a process to follow and he will reliably implement it.”

Rob DrummondCopywriter and Trainer at Maze Mastery and Story Copywriters

Running a small business or individual enterprise is wonderful but it can be challenge.

We can choose our clients. We can choose when we work and when we take holidays. We can choose to avoid commuting hours. And we can manage most of our sales, marketing and administration from a simple home office. But if you’re finding that you’re doing and figuring out everything yourself and as a result, you don’t have enough time to develop your business and you’re exhausted then perhaps it’s time to consider getting some support.

Maybe it’s time to let go of tasks you’re not good at, tasks you dislike, repeat tasks or tasks that stress you or are overwhelming.

“David was quick to grasp the nature of my business, build an effective relationship with my co-ordinator and inject his technical knowledge which has significantly enhanced our marketing processes, as well as providing a lift in our customer care standards. His capacity to 'really tune in and hear', interpret your specific needs and then provide a fitting response is second to none.”

Catherine RushforthSmall Business Coach and Director, Catherine Rushforth and Associates Limited, a specialist Safeguarding and Child Protection ServiceDevelopment Consultant

“David skilfully combines functional component strengths (web development research, analysis etc) with an intelligent approach. This means my jobs are always completed to a high standard and the process has been fully thought through. Unlike other remote consultants David is able to spots the gap in what I am asking for and comment, for example, "it sounds like you are trying to achieve X, have you thought about Y?" which greatly enhances the result. Equally, he is content to just take a task, complete it and send it back.”

Verena CornwallArts and Heritage Senior Manager, Circus Futures, Circus Development Network

“I highly recommend David for his creative simple designing ability. David has an ability to understand the context very quickly even in a different cultural context. David is professional and works efficiently. Most people who volunteered and support us only do so when they have time and they do not try to meet deadlines since their services were free. But David did not work as if he was a volunteer, he always did his best to finish the work as soon as possible.”

Roshan SamarawickramaProgramme Manager, Equality-based Community Support & Training in Sri Lanka

Got any questions?

Do you have the necessary skills to support me?

When you present me with a task for the first time, I will always let you know whether I can carry it out or not. In most cases, I’ll be able to handle the task. I’ve worked with many clients over the past ten years and have supported them in very different ways. Most clients; however, require the same type of business support and so there’s rarely a task that I’ve not done before.

Is there an ongoing commitment to work together?

No. Upon agreeing to work together, you sign a working agreement with myself. This contract simply describes my obligations and protects your ownership rights to all work used by or created by me. This agreement does not bind the client to an ongoing relationship. If you do not have any work for me in a particular month, then there is nothing to pay. You use my services only when you need me.

How does this remote business support work?

The widespread availability of high-speed internet and the means to communicate effectively and efficiently on-line has meant that we can not only work from home but can have full business relationships without ever meeting face-to-face.

I work remotely, using email as my main tool to communicate with clients. In addition, messaging, audio and video chat, on-line shared folders and of course the telephone, are all tools which I use to establish and maintain relationships with clients.

Working remotely like this can take some adjustment, but by starting with clearly defining the role that you require me to take in supporting your business is a vital first step. We can discover a working relationship that works for you. You can contract me to carry out one-off tasks or to continually manage or monitor aspects of your business (e.g. a certain project, address books, web content).

What are the advantages of working with a freelancer like me?

One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing work is a large reduction in your business running costs. As I am a freelancer and not an employee, you do not pay a salary, health benefits, sick pay or even office space. Just like a doctor, lawyer or accountant, you pay only for work carried out and none of the associated costs of having a full-time employee.

As a freelance contractor, I am also invested in the success of your business. I carry out all work under standard freelancer agreements providing you peace of mind that I will work for my fee, and that your data and anything I use or create in the process of working with you, remains your property. Furthermore, I can increase the visible size of your enterprise.

Is it a secure way to work?

Your personal data are stored securely in an encrypted virtual vault and absolutely never shared without your consent. All usernames and passwords are encrypted. I track the emergence of any new viruses, trojans or malware and can let you know how to handle them (if necessary).

The different ways you can get support as a small business owner.

There are a variety of ways you can get support: Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Associates/Staff, Accountability buddy, Networking group, Coach or mentor, Consultant, Mastermind groups and Forums or Online Communities like Facebook groups.

The support I provide is a mix of a virtual assistant, online business manager and coach. I’m always looking for the most efficient way of doing things. By simplifying and organising we can make space for other things in our life. Whether that’s more time spent on developing our business, spending time with family and friends, enjoying our hobbies or simply taking space to breathe.

Some of the ways I could help you

Managing events and online courses • Preparing email campaigns Desktop publishing (e.g. Annual Reports, Case Studies) • Helping clients become GDPR compliant • Technical support • Writing website content • Copy editing and proofreading • Website design and development • Responding to email enquiries • Managing a database of contacts • Setting up automated email sequences • Organising and managing spreadsheet data • Image editing • and more

Are you interested in working together?